Trailer Telematics + intelligent wireless sensors: Making a Difference

Telematics basic functions such as:

  • Locating and tracking
  • Mileage
  • Uptime and maintenance instructions

Theft protection with:

  • Monitoring the unhitched trailer
  • Cargo space monitoring without wiring
  • Door monitoring without wiring
  • Control of door locking systems

EBS data display:

  • Axle load
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Error messages
  • Mileage
  • Tire pressure

Temperature data capture with:

  • EN12830 wireless temperature loggers without wiring
  • Temperature recorder

Automatic Truck trailer recognition via radio


Diesel theft detect without wiring



All this is possible with our scom-family



scombox telematics unit:

  • Compact
  • Robust
  • Waterproof
  • Trailer suitable
  • Modular and multifunctional


scomsens Active-RFID:

  • Wireless sensors for many useful additional functions telematics
  • Compact, robust, waterproof
  • Battery operation up to 10 years
  • No wiring required
  • Communicate with scombox


scomview the Internet portal:

  • Clearly
  • Intuitive learnable
  • Custom be set up
  • Extensive Alarm Management
  • Reporting

Temperature monitoring

Temperature Broadcast as easy as never before.

Never was the rise of the off-temperature record for online
Broadcast as easy as with the MyTrailer telematics and TÜV-approved
Wireless data loggers scomsens L.

  • TÜV approval as temperature recorder conforms to the EN12830
  • Wireless technology – therefore without cable
  • Small, robust and waterproof
  • Minimal installation effort
  • Battery operation up to 10 years

Minimal installation effort for scombox and wireless sensors scomsens.
Immediately after installation, all data transparently in the Portal scomview available.


Truck ID

Automatic Truck-Trailererdetection. A very useful and effective support for fleet management.

With the trailer telematics scombox you will be able to locate your trailer at any time.
With the scomsens Truck ID you will also know automatically and at any time, which current tractors are pulling which trailers. Another option is to figure out the information about which semitrailer was connectet in the past to which tractor. Therefore the truck ID must simply be fixed to the tractor without any cabling effort.

Theft Protection

No chance for thieves.



1. Anti-theft device with the Truck ID

On one side of the truck ID is a very useful support for fleet management through the automatic truck-trailer recognition. On the other hand the truck-ID can also realise a very effective anti-theft protection with no false alarms. This is the way it works: If the scombox does not recognize a Truck ID or only an unknown Truck ID an alarm signal will be send out immediately.

2. Door Monitoring with wireless sensors scomsens is easily to retrofit

Door monitoring for box and refrigerated bodies is an effective way to avoid cargo theft. Therefore it is only neccessary to bold the scomsens door sensor and the actuating element.

3. Cargo space monitoring

An ideal complement or an appropriate alternative to the door monitoring is the infrared wireless sensors. Here the same applies as with the other wireless sensors. It is only nessessary to bold it on and it is immediate ready for use.


4. Scombox and door locking systems

For value and pharmaceutical transports the trailer telematics scombox offers an interface to the well known and proven door locking systems

Depending on the users need different strategies for opening and closing the doors of semitrailers can be realized.


Combat fuel theft

Not simply accept diesel theft!

The theft of diesel is widely used in the transport industry. Diesel theft should not be simply accepted, because the often already narrow margins are further reduced. Lockable gas cap or sensors on the tank, which are easily visible from the outside,  is not a solution. It might even provoke to get to the tank by other methods.
Dreyer+Timm has developed two secure methods by which the diesel theft can effectively combat.


1. The scomsens-fuel wireless sensor

The scomsens-fuel wireless sensor is mounted on the inside of the tank cover and is therefore not visible from the outside. Sensors register the opening of the tank cap and transfer the information “tank” to the telematic unit scombox. From there it is forwarded immediately via GSM / GPRS.
The scomview internet portal offers the user an individually possibility how the report for the comparison with the tank is stored. The report may be deposited or a notification can be send via email or SMS.

2. Tank level monitor with the engine off

In all cases where the filler monitoring can not be effectively used, the tank level monitoring is the supplementary or alternative method to detect the fuel theft. Here, the wireless sensor scomsens measures the tank level with the engine shut off directly at the existing tank sensor. The tank level is continuously transmitted to the telematic unit scombox. Now that due to theft the tank level is sinking, a message can trigger an alarm via SMS or email.